Amsterdam Christmas

Artilleriet has filled its webshop with some lovely Christmas news. I fell for these veneer lanterns (with LED battery), inspired by the classic Amsterdam canal houses with their beautiful façades. Of course sold out, but it says to be temporarily. A Christmas gift, maybe?


Sober minimalism

I have waited for these pictures to come online since I saw them in the Danish magazine Bo Bedre recently. I could even claim that this must be the most inspiring home I have seen this year. I love all the handpicked design in it, the clean look and cosy atmosphere with elements from nature. It feels like a real showroom (in a good way) with thousands of beautiful products designed by Norm Architects and I must admit I had a crush on many of them due to this article. The little Milk lamp with black legs I already own, but other details qualified for my never-ending wish list.

The home belongs to the Architect and Co-Owner of Norm Architects, Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, his wife Christine and their two children. All nice magazine magazine pictures were not availble online but I hope you got a glimpse and some inspiration, too!