Lamp crush

I have now gotten an incurable lamp crush. Again. I have always wanted the Panthella lamp in some form, ever since my last home I think, and recently Louis Poulsen launched an mini version of it, which I think could be a good compromise when it comes to space and jusitfying still another lamp...White is that nice safe colour, but I think the black one is an upcoming favourite, too!

I also recently saw the NJP wall lamp on Elisabeth Heier's blog and I think it is so cute! I actually have no wall lamp, as I do not like to fix things to a specific spot, but this time I changed my mind. Love it!

My lamp crushes either get worse when I make these collages or mentions on the blog or then the creation of a mood board just eases my mind. Let's see how it goes...;)
Mood board set up of pictures from Louis Poulsen & Elisabeth Heier

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