Arabia celebrating Finland's 100th birthday

Arabia announced this week that they are launching 10 different mugs in honour of Finland's 100th birthday, one from each decade of Finland's independence and they are all telling a story of their own time. The pattern is showing the history of the Finnish homes and illustrating the design of that time period.

Finland's 100th birthday is on 6th December, but the cups will be available as of January 2017 as a limited edition collection, only sold during 2017.

What I fell for? Definitely the mugs with Esteri Tomula's illustrations (the Pastoraali and Esteri mugs: the ones with the girl and the biggest blue flower)! I have always admired her illustrations on old retro tableware and vases, but there are no way finding these on the flea markets nowadays. If you find them on well-organized happenings they are exclusive pieces and very high-priced. I wrote about Esteri earlier as I love the playfulness in her motifs and these mugs would finally be some pieces that you could come over to a decent price. Now it is also very popular with blue kitchenware again so also for that reason I fell for them. Pieces you look for unconsciously but never find! I also must say that the brown flower pattern (Myrna, 1937, on the 2nd row in the collage) I have seen before. On my grandma's porcelain (different looking, though, as those were graceful, thin coffee cups with golden edge).
Brilliant idea Arabia, to bring back some old treasures! I hope there will be more comebacks of Esteri Tomula's patterns in the future, as these cool retro patterns are what we are looking for! ;)
Collage of Arabia's press pictures

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