A cosy home at Manhattan, New York

The home of Elin Renck is my favourite this week. It is located at Manhattan in New York. So cosy and Stockholmean with downright Svensk Tenn magic. And those shoes! The whole home can be seen here.
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Old favourite

You might have seen this apartment already on several blogs lately, but I anyhow wanted to save it to my blog archive. I think it is so cosy. We might pay attention to different things. Let's check what I see in these pictures...

I love the roses poster by Debbie Carlos.

The Mega dot coverlet by Hay...

... the contrast of the dark walls...
The dotted and painted tableware...
PS. Volang-Linda recently gave some really nice examples on how to renew old boring tableware!
The mirrors...

The picture wall...
... and all lamps.
Have a nice evening my friends!  
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Muuto news AW16

The Danish company Muuto has recently launched some new adorable autumn news. What's not to love about this white candelabra designed by Jens Fager? I feel I am getting overwhelmed with all cool new candelabras and candleholders that are always released with every season change. It must be the perfect item to design, because no matter how many I have I always find a room in my heart for more... a physical room is always a bit trickier. I seem to be a real candelabra freak. This candelabra called Open is also available in black, dark green and light terracotta!

What I also have thought of is buying some small Dots to hang clothes and bags on. The wooden collection has now gotten company of metal hooks in aluminium, black and brass. All designed by Lars Tornøe.

The Compile shelving system is designed by Cecilie Manz and is a modern variant of the classic warehouse shelves. Perfect for displaying your candelabras! :)

Happy Sunday!
Press pictures Muuto / found via Inredningshjälpen