Finally on Instagram!

Hey... Better late than never. :) Just wanted to step by and inform you that I am now, finally, also on Instagram. You can find me here @wisuella

PS. The poster is a general view of my little town. Isn't it funny that we have the exact same names of the quarters here as in Stockholm? Norrmalm, Östermalm, Södermalm, Västermalm, Solsidan, Djurgården... and a lot of same street names as well.. A little miniature of Stockholm! :)

Happy evening!


August faves

Finally this holy moment when I can sit down and write on the blog! A few things have prevented me this week and also drained my energy but I make new efforts now!
It is Saturday and windy (actually a storm), grey and rainy and all musts have been completed for today so I look forward now to just be at home, gather my thoughts and pieces of inspiration and maybe later take a real reading evening! I have magazines, detective stories, design and interior books that I never seem to have time to dig into! Maybe now...
But first I am in the mood of making a list of what I have thought of and what have inspired me lately!
Ilse Crawford was recently appointed the desinger of the year at the big interior fair Maison et Objet in Paris. I find it so amusing and cool that this is the second time I have nominated the exact same persons before the big creators do it. Ilse was in my award list as the best designer of the year 2015 and also Emma von Brömssen, who I awarded as the best rising star of 2014, got the exact same title (coming rising star) in the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award this year. Let's see if I can pick those right ones in advance next time as well. ;) I usually do these lists in December when the year has passed. I find it a bit strange that others do it in the beginning of the year or now, before all months have been taken into account?
One thing off topic. I really feel it is autumn now and I am afraid the leaves are falling in advance today when it is so stormy. Anyhow I am struggling to keep the summer feeling and hoping for an Indian summer. I love the look of this sommer house!
Lately I have noticed a new trend. Mirrors seems to be the new item nowadays to have among the frames on a picture wall, and also otherwise. Apart from fulfilling a function I notice this has become a real interior detail to count with. It is also rewarding in that sense that they make the rooms look bigger. I am thinking of how to find a mirror that I do not need to nail on the wall due to the electrical cabinet and cables behind my only hallway wall. This one by Broberg & Ridderstråle is expensive, but nice.

I am very curious about this lovely book by the blogger Bonjour Vintage! It is called Pretty please and contains recipes and home visits to a designer, ceramist, bloggers, instagrammers, hotels, restaurants... A lot of bloggers have written about this book already and it is already temporarily sold out!
New fragrance candles by Skultuna!
The blog picture that spoke to me this week was this one taken by Krickelin. She is featured in the latest Elle Decoration magazine, which I could not find yesterday. Sold out or late!
My own Friday bouquet looked like this. I also have a new cute wooden bird in my collection! :) This one comes from Architectmade.
With this I am wishing you a happy weekend!


Idyllic garden and house in Falsterbo

In this beautiful house, with the idyllic garden having more than hundred different roses, lives the Swedish couple David and Madeleine. The house was built in 1901 by a bank director and was kept in the same family for three generations before the couple bought it. It is located in Falsterbo and was the third summerhouse there, before the town became a real holiday destination where people spend their summer vacations.

What I remember most from this article in Elle Decoration is that the couple says that people are too anxious nowadays to not have the right furniture or follow the latest trends. This is something that you should not bother about, but just trust your own intuition about what is right for your home. Well said! Just look at the result above by someone following that mindset!

And that garden...!


Kähler autumn - winter news 2016

The best thing with autumn is all the product news that are coming by all brands. Phew! I had a hard time to pick just a few favoruites among Kähler's autumn - winter news. I liked too many of them. As I could not decide or choose I posted all of those I liked most! Hope you like them also! A real picture cavalcade of my favourites!
You can see more details of the products here.
Press pictures | Kähler


At Nordhemsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden

This nicely furnished two-roomed flat is now for sale at Nordhemsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden. So much details to get inspired by. The double set of round mirrors on the wall, decorative black vintage chairs, lamps, daybed, wooden cupboard, bubble vase, mix of living green plants... All in contrast to the daring blue wall colour and flowery wallpaper.