Fly little bird, fly

"It's so still and quiet. I hear only birds."

I am still celebrating a wonderful summer holiday and had actually not planned to be completely off from the blog all the time, but somehow I realized I needed it. To step outside and leave the computer aside for a while. I think that is the way to load the energy completely and gather new passion to continue with new insights, ideas and a broader mind.

I, however, wanted now to step by and share some pictures I took outside in the nature yesterday with some old wooden fellows of mine (they come from Architectmade). The wooden birds that I have noticed I nowadays collect...:) It was so great fun and I love photographing! Putting these creatures all over in the nature made me both laugh and loaded so much energy in me, I could have gone on forever but finally I was starving and had to go. The weather was super (I burned my shoulders and arms), waves were rolling to the shore, the breeze was warm and there were hardly any people around wondering what I was doing when climbing the cliffs and lying on the ground to photograph the birds. Isn't the nature beautiful up here in Finland? I just had to spam you with loads of photos...:) It was a lucky summer day!

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