Piet Hein Eeek + Ikea = Jassa collection

Ikea has another design collaboration coming up as well, apart from the ones I recently mentioned about Hay and Tom Dixon.

In March 2017 the first limited edition pieces of a long-term collaboration with the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek will be launched. The collection is called Jassa and includes furniture and homeware in rattan, bamboo, sea-grass, water hyacinth and other natural materials, as well as textiles with batik-like prints. All inspired by traditional Indonesian and Vietnamese crafts.

The collection includes a range of pendants, baskets, lounge chairs, ceramics and textiles. The products will be an interesting combination of handmade and mass-produced.

Ikea's design manager Marcus Engman comments the design collaborations and the bigger emphasis on design to Dezeen: "I want to bring the surprise back to Ikea."

He definitely does. I am looking forward to see what's up next?

Pictures Dezeen

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