Piet Hein Eeek + Ikea = Jassa collection

Ikea has another design collaboration coming up as well, apart from the ones I recently mentioned about Hay and Tom Dixon.

In March 2017 the first limited edition pieces of a long-term collaboration with the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek will be launched. The collection is called Jassa and includes furniture and homeware in rattan, bamboo, sea-grass, water hyacinth and other natural materials, as well as textiles with batik-like prints. All inspired by traditional Indonesian and Vietnamese crafts.

The collection includes a range of pendants, baskets, lounge chairs, ceramics and textiles. The products will be an interesting combination of handmade and mass-produced.

Ikea's design manager Marcus Engman comments the design collaborations and the bigger emphasis on design to Dezeen: "I want to bring the surprise back to Ikea."

He definitely does. I am looking forward to see what's up next?

Pictures Dezeen

Summerhouse on Gotland

This time of the year the houses on Gotland are coveted objects at the real estate agencies. Take a look at this little gem with open planning, pool and roughcasted façade, close to the barren landscape!

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IKEA + HAY + Tom Dixon

The collaborations rains at IKEA. In the wake of the latest success with Ilse Crawford and Ingegerd Råman, the store now reveals its next collaborations and the interior world holds its breath. This time IKEA collaborates with Danish Hay and British Tom Dixon! Hay and Tom Dixon are two of my favourite design stores so I am eager to see what is to come. I anticipate success.

As IKEA's Design Manager Marcus Engman said to Dezeen earlier this year, the store is using the design collaborations to overcome its reputation for just doing "cheap stuff". And I think they are definitely on the right path. All eyes are turned to them frequently as the design collaborations succeed each other in a rapid pace.

I am waiting for more fancy product pictures and that is one thing I feel is lacking in this sensation now but I am sure they will come. All is quite secret still. You can see some of the revealed product pictures over here. The products of the Ikea & Hay collaboration come into stores during 2017, whereas the Ikea & Tom Dixon collaboration is launched in 2018.

 The beautiful couple and co-founders behind the brand Hay, Rolf and Mette Hay.

Picture Dezeen


Morsø Forno - the cutest outdoor oven

I found such a cute Danish outdoor oven! It comes from Morsø, is called Morsø Forno and must be the nicest oven I have ever seen! Imagine having your summer barbecues with this little fellow. The design is brilliant and it is like a small fireplace, furniture and Instagram-friendly design piece in your garden. If I got it correctly this can be used on the city balcony, too!
Pictures 1, 5-6 Morsø | 3 Bruno Jakobsen design | 2 & 4 Pinterest


My balcony

My balcony in evening and morning light.

I have got a crush on flowers and plants and I am eagerly visiting the flower shop nowadays for inspiration. My balcony is glassed so all flowers do not survive there when it gets too warm in the summer, although all windows can of course be opened. Therefore I decided to pick some plants that I think should be quite hardy. Strawberry plants, pelargonium (I like the deep colours on these flowers in old-fashioned granny-style) and a fig tree. I am especially happy about the fig tree and I could not resist it because the leaves were big, in tbe correct green shade and just perfectly and symmetrically placed all the way around the stem. If you have any good advice how to keep this lovely tree alive forever, please share! :)


Gotland love

At this time of the year everyone is dreamng about Gotland. About trips, about houses. This is how I picture the typical Gotland house on the isle. Close to nature, close to the sea, with a roughcast white façade and a partly graveled yard with limestone. The outdoor pictures are just my favourites!
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