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Here comes my favourites this week! Clicks and thoughts.

This week I had the luck to be on a business trip in the same town and on the same day as the blogger Clara Lidström and Internet researcher Anna-Karin Nyberg were giving a lecture for bloggers regarding Digital Entrepreneurship. Such a good timing for once! I never attend any blog events and these are seldom created over here so I was happy to hear more about going from scratch to business. The blogger Linn Jung was an excellent moderator of the event with such a cool new haircut and, as Clara says, with a wonderful dialect.

I listened to this song about world being in bloom.


I was fascinated about Kristin Lagerqvists beautiful pictures again. This time the hot topic and dreams among bloggers seem to be greenhouses. A place for tomatoes, flowers, plants, decrations, books, berries and get togethers with dinners and music.

As always when there are royal events ongoing I am interested in what everyone in the royal family wears. This time, on the King's 70th birthday, I think Princess Victoria won the style fight and was so stunning with a kind of break-the-rules dress. It is not very common with striped marine dresses in these connections, but I think it was really summery and beautiful, a happy choice and not so strict in the honour of the day. She also made a statement for durable and environmentally friendly fashion on the concert the day before, when she was wearing a special-sewn dress for this event from H&M's Conscious collection.
Picture via Ebba von Sydow
Flea finds
I read this week that the trend with flea market finds are over. Now it is expensive, rare objects from the auction houses that are in. Maybe this is a result of the bloggers try to be unique when there is a horde of readers copying and buying the same products all the time.

Phew, I get exhausted by all trend statements. My own rule is that you should buy all that is visually intresting and beautiful for you, no matter if it is common, high or low. Only in that way you stay happy and personal and have a unique style and mix. Trends are coming and going and it is not eco-friendly to change everything all the time according to what is in right now.
Beautiful new pink tray at Svenskt Tenn.
I am longing for a golden mirror...

Dark walls
...admiring dark walls...

...and wishing me a table easel.

Cereal has made beautiful pictures for Filippa K about garment care.

Summer details

H&M has launched some summery details.

Are you afraid of heights? If so, look at this Pinterest picture. I discussed it with my Norwegian colleague this week and it is totally unbelievable to me how anyone can be doing this?
Flower vases  
Have you also noticed that it sometimes can be hard to clean flower vases? Some covering remains and the glass is not crystal-clear anymore. I will try out if one of these tips help!
With this I am wishing you a splendid beginning of May month! The sun is shining here!

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