Best picks lately

It is time again for the best picks of the week!
Mokkasin and a whole heap of other bloggers were recently providing such beautiful pictures from the new exhibition about Josef Frank at Millesgården in Stockholm. They were all binding summery flower bouquets while visiting the exhibition about pattern, furniture and paintings.
Such a pity it is a long way but those of you who are closer I think should definitely visit. I am also curious if there are some posters from the exhibition? Josef Frank is one of my favourite designers and I have collected a few things with his pattern from Svenskt Tenn already.
In the picture blogger Marie Serneholt, and all picture cred to the blogger Mokkasin.
I got so inspired so I ordered this new book, Josef Frank - de okända akvarellerna. Josef was, apart from his well-known textile patterns and furniture, also a wizard at painting with watercolours. He did not start until at the age of 68, which gives all us other stressed souls a tiny little hope!
This exhibition revelas a new side of the iconic Josef Frank designer that we have not seen before. Am I seeing a new picture trend coming? Flowery retro motifs in watercolours? Please Svenskt Tenn, more wall art and posters, in any style!
Jumping to another wall art!
The well-known and talented Swedish high jumper Emma Green is planning for a career after the athletics. She has been topical with a photo exhibition in Gothenburg and above is one of her pictures, Flätat, which is also sold in her newly started webshop. I am so much dreaming of the same. Taking photos and having them for sale online as pictures to frame.

My sister's daugther is graduating from high school the upcoming week and there is a lot of planning in the air by my family. 
I noticed that Kay Bojesen has introduced graduate caps for the monkeys. I guess this combination will be a hit especially in Denmark for design loving graduates.
Last but not least, this week's picture wall. 
Picture My unfinished home | Bjurfors
While writing I am listening to this song by Veronica Maggio. It is a couple of months old already but it has a melody that get stuck!
Sun is shining again! Wishing you a good and lovely Sunday!


Arsenalsgatan | Gothenburg

In the midst of ishockey games on TV I am admiring the perfect lamps at Arsenalsgatan 4 A in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Anyone who knows the origin of the water jug on the table?
Happy weekend.

Pictures | Alvhem


Black summerhouse in the Finnish archipelago

Summer inspiration while waiting for warmer days...

Is there something more beautiful than black summerhouses with windswept, worn-looking grey terraces, sea view, and pine trees? This summerhouse belongs to the blogger Jonna Kivilahti, Mrs Jones, and it is located in Ingå, Finland.

I spotted a lot of nice details inside and also the black outdoor chairs by Kartell suit perfectly on the terrace! I picked those for my summer collage last year and I still like them.

Photos | Krista Keltanen for interior magazine Glorian Koti 9/2015


Scandinavian Designers II by Boråstapeter - A sneak peek!

For some time ago I received a stunning huge sample of Boråstapeter's new wallpaper collection that is being launched on 15th June. It is called Scandinavian Designers II and is full of breathtaking patterns! I just love the designers that are included in this collection and could not be happier to have these sample pieces of my own! I guess you will see examples of these patterns every now and then ahead, as I cannot resist moving the sheets around in my home, fastening them on my walls, framing them or just elegantly piling them here and there on some table or in a corner. I am fond of patterns and design and these by iconic Scandinavian designers are just my favourites right now. I think they will be a hit for wallpaper seekers during summer 2016 and I can imagine how well the summery, flowery patterns would look e.g. in a summer residence.
If you like me recently have painted all walls white and there is no particular wall available to change, I suggest you do like me. Just frame a smaller piece of the wallpaper and voilà, you have a lot of new picture frames cheering up your walls! I think it is a real design treasure to have any of these patterns, as these are rare and some of them have been created as early as in the 1940s!
The designers are Stig Lindberg, Lisbet and Gocken Jobs, Viola Gråsten and Arne Jacobsen! Stig Lindberg would have turned 100 years this year and his pattern Berså, which was originally featured on coffee cups and other items is now also available as wallpaper. 
The collections consists of 14 patterns in several colour variants. I think it is splendid that old design patterns are taken into use in new areas and in that way let us of newer generations take part of the wonderful art that existed during times gone by. Sometimes I feel that the illustrations and patterns in the 1950s were so much nicer than the new ones are today.
Patterns in my photos above:
1. 1790 Aurora
2. 1791 Rabarber
3. 1758 Pottery (brown), 1759 Pottery (blue)
4. 1792 Rabarber
5. 1790 Aurora
6. 1762 Poem d 'Amour
7. 1760 Pottery
8. 1765 Poem d 'Amour
9. A mix. On top you see Berså 1752 (blue), 1750 (green) and 1754 (orange).
In this previous post you can also see a glimpse of the Berså 1753 (yellow) wallpaper that I have framed.
 Aren't they beautiful?


Mirrors by Menu

 Beautiful new mirrors from Menu.
The mirrors come in two sizes and three colour versions and are designed by the Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll.



May mood and inspiration from my Pinterest.

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Best of the week

Here comes my favourites this week! Clicks and thoughts.

This week I had the luck to be on a business trip in the same town and on the same day as the blogger Clara Lidström and Internet researcher Anna-Karin Nyberg were giving a lecture for bloggers regarding Digital Entrepreneurship. Such a good timing for once! I never attend any blog events and these are seldom created over here so I was happy to hear more about going from scratch to business. The blogger Linn Jung was an excellent moderator of the event with such a cool new haircut and, as Clara says, with a wonderful dialect.

I listened to this song about world being in bloom.


I was fascinated about Kristin Lagerqvists beautiful pictures again. This time the hot topic and dreams among bloggers seem to be greenhouses. A place for tomatoes, flowers, plants, decrations, books, berries and get togethers with dinners and music.

As always when there are royal events ongoing I am interested in what everyone in the royal family wears. This time, on the King's 70th birthday, I think Princess Victoria won the style fight and was so stunning with a kind of break-the-rules dress. It is not very common with striped marine dresses in these connections, but I think it was really summery and beautiful, a happy choice and not so strict in the honour of the day. She also made a statement for durable and environmentally friendly fashion on the concert the day before, when she was wearing a special-sewn dress for this event from H&M's Conscious collection.
Picture via Ebba von Sydow
Flea finds
I read this week that the trend with flea market finds are over. Now it is expensive, rare objects from the auction houses that are in. Maybe this is a result of the bloggers try to be unique when there is a horde of readers copying and buying the same products all the time.

Phew, I get exhausted by all trend statements. My own rule is that you should buy all that is visually intresting and beautiful for you, no matter if it is common, high or low. Only in that way you stay happy and personal and have a unique style and mix. Trends are coming and going and it is not eco-friendly to change everything all the time according to what is in right now.
Beautiful new pink tray at Svenskt Tenn.
I am longing for a golden mirror...

Dark walls
...admiring dark walls...

...and wishing me a table easel.

Cereal has made beautiful pictures for Filippa K about garment care.

Summer details

H&M has launched some summery details.

Are you afraid of heights? If so, look at this Pinterest picture. I discussed it with my Norwegian colleague this week and it is totally unbelievable to me how anyone can be doing this?
Flower vases  
Have you also noticed that it sometimes can be hard to clean flower vases? Some covering remains and the glass is not crystal-clear anymore. I will try out if one of these tips help!
With this I am wishing you a splendid beginning of May month! The sun is shining here!