Colouring book euphoria

I haven't had time to try the adult colouring book trend yet, until today. I just had to document it with my phone, because this is how far I got before I realized that this is crazily fun! You had me at two colours...! Real colouring book euphoria here! New coloured pens needs to be bought, though. The ones I had did not match all colour shades I imagined. Wisely I started of course with the nicest page... :) It is not as easy as you might think. A lot of hard decisions to make. :) Have you tried? You should. At the same time I noticed that I somehow peacefully started to process visual impressions from the previous days. Maybe it opened up some unconscious parts of my brain...

This page is from Liselotte Watkins colouring book Watkins Värld. I will from now on keep my eyes wide open for more colouring books to stock up with! The more intricate, the better! It will of course take some time until this book is filled, but I am eager as you see!

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