Marble box

This weekend has rushed by in high-speed. However, I managed to take a few pictures when the sun was up. This is my new little marble box from Broste Copenhagen. It is so nice and has a smooth surface. I haven't yet decided if it is the perfect box for sea salt, decoration or jewellery. This is in fact the first marble piece I've ever got. Better late than never! A good gift idea for anyone!


Colouring book euphoria

I haven't had time to try the adult colouring book trend yet, until today. I just had to document it with my phone, because this is how far I got before I realized that this is crazily fun! You had me at two colours...! Real colouring book euphoria here! New coloured pens needs to be bought, though. The ones I had did not match all colour shades I imagined. Wisely I started of course with the nicest page... :) It is not as easy as you might think. A lot of hard decisions to make. :) Have you tried? You should. At the same time I noticed that I somehow peacefully started to process visual impressions from the previous days. Maybe it opened up some unconscious parts of my brain...

This page is from Liselotte Watkins colouring book Watkins Värld. I will from now on keep my eyes wide open for more colouring books to stock up with! The more intricate, the better! It will of course take some time until this book is filled, but I am eager as you see!


At Ålandsgatan | Gothenburg

I came across some really nice pictures from the real estate agency Entrance Mäkleri today. Such a good styling! I do not say I want a canopy (although it would be good during summertime here against the mosquitos) but the bedroom pictures are nice to look at indeed. It is such a long time since I found something nice and interesting at Hemnet so I decided to share a very long picture cavalcade of this apartment with you. Enjoy & happy Friday!
The apartment is located at Ålandsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Deco details

I recently got some new, nice deco details from Broste Copenhagen. A couple of boxes with brass lids and an oval ceramic plate in two tones. I especially like the floating colours on the shimmering boxes! Just like water colours. The boxes are safe to use for food as well so can of course be used for other purposes also than just decoration.

This day really felt like a Monday so I am so waiting for to jump into the sofa, watch TV and eat those candies now! The best and (less photogenic candies) I hid at the bottom of the boxes. ;)


Black spoons

I am enjoying my healthy Sunday breakfast with my new black spoon from Broste Copenhagen. I love their cutlery in black and gold! Suddenly I just feel like changing all my traditional steel cutlery into these cool ones in black or gold. Just for a change! Usually we put so much money on cups et cetera, but we forget the cutlery... Today's tip to brighten up your meals!


From coffee roastery to apartment

I am hooked on picture walls for the time being and there for these pictures struck my fancy. Somehow exactly what I like. A mixed picture wall, String shelf in walnut for small details, a broad dinner table with design chairs all the way around. Saved to my mental inspiration box!
This apartment in Malmö belongs to the Swedish interior stylist Isabell Andén and her partner Joakim Pettersson. It was formerly a coffee roastery but has now been changed to an apartment. The article was originally published in Elle Decoration Sweden 6/2014, in case you happen to have the magazine hidden somewhere!


Faves of the week

I really felt like doing a list of my favourite clicks lately. So here it comes! Hope the pictures and tips cheer you up, too!


On my mind right now is whether to buy a PH5 lamp for my kitchen or not. I have seen them on campaigns in several stores right now so would be a good time indeed. Do you have some experiences of it? I am inspired by House of Philia and Aprill Aprill.
This week Volang Linda gave a new blog tip again, EmmyLinnea, and the cosy picture of Copenhagen immediately caught my eyes.


I am curiously looking forward to the new The way we play magazine that was talked about on Instagram a few days ago. I can't wait to see if there are more nice rooms hidden in this stylish home! I like this picture and the details in it. The sofa with Josef Frank pattern, the candelabra, choice of flowers, picture wall... An interesting mix and atmosphere!


The ceramist Elin Lannsjö got the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award this year for "coming rising star". Maybe you remember? Wisuella appointed her this title already 2014! :) (You can read about my award here.) I am also thinking how can Elin's allotment be this beautiful? Dying. Longing for an own garden...! Above some pictures of her latest ceramics!

I got lost in beautifully styled food and sweets' recipes yesterday at Pinterest. More pinning those than doing them but anyhow great inspiration! :) Baked figs with rosemary & honey and cheese on sourdough as well as raw vegan bounty balls. Recipes by Cygnet Kitchen here and Dolcetti & Scherzetti here.

Tomorrow there will be new episodes of the TV programme Vem bor här (Who lives here), led by Malin Olsson. A group of people are visiting each other's homes and the task for all viewers and themselves are to, at the end of the programme, match people + homes and guess who lives where. More difficult than you think!

Happy Sunday!