Thank you Easter for this year and welcome spring!


Easter holiday

A little glimpse of my home and bracing and colourful Easter flowers. Four days of holiday = super! Wishing you a good and relaxing Easter, too!


Broste Copenhagen | Spring and summer 2016

Broste Copenhagen has released some really nice and admirable press pictures of their spring and summer collection for 2016. I love the golden cutlery, it looks so luxurious, and also all the glossy ceramics that is tinged with different colours, the boxes and mortar in marble as well as the shiny small colourful flower vases with vertical stripes. Such lovely products!
Styling: Marie Graunbøl Photography: Line Thit Klein
Press pictures Broste Copenhagen


Faves of the week

I am enjoying the weekend today after having worked so much lately. Sun is shining nicely into my living room and Easter is approaching. That is my favouite feast! As always I fall into these blog decoration seasons too late and have not thought about what to create this year either, but one day when I was travelling I was absorbed in origami pictures around the web. Such amazing things you can make with just a little piece of paper. I noticed that you can make a lot of beautiful things to hang on sprigs inside, for example birds. I feel like blowing eggs and painting those and crack every second of them by mistake is not my cup of tea.

This is not origami as such but I thought it was a cute paper bird and quite easy to do if you like.

One of the blogs I am happy to follow is Karin Lindroos' blog. She always brings content that is personal, colourful and surprising = she does not post anything mainstream that you see everywhere. I also feel like going all in with colours on the sprigs this year. Let's see how it goes.

Due to the happy, shiny weahter my heart also melts for these kind of garden pictures of what is to come. The wish to have an own Panthella lamp grows even bigger when I see this beautiful lamp in the window. The outdoor lamp is a grey Toldbod lamp, also from Louis Poulsen.

I held these shoes in my hands yesterday. Quite nice. New ones from Odd Molly's summer collection.
Keep looking.
Happy weekend to you!
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Blue porcelain

I did not plan to be away this long but some heavy workload and trips came up so I had no choice nor time over. Today when I came home a took a picture of my flea market find. This is actually a Christmas plate if you look closely, but I will keep it around for a while because angels are for all seasons, aren't they?

Blue seems to be the new it-colour again. For me it has really rested for a long time as I associate it with ealier non-cool decades, but now I think I have overcome it. Blue is really the thing which adds that little extra. Maybe just because that colour has been missing from my home.