February's bits and pieces

It is time for February's bits and pieces. Hope you find something you like!

wall lamp 
In fact I am not so into wall lamps as I have the same problem with these as with picture frames. All nail holes and my ever-changing mood. However, &tradition's reinterpretation of Arne Jacobsen's Bellevue lamp makes me consider it. So nice!  
More spring colours. A cushion in apricot.

I have dreamed of this speaker for a long time.

Simple sweater with polished buttons. So much blue.

A golden bottle-opener in the form of a palm. Perfect for summer life.

An elegant Norwegian candlestick with an interesting shape.

I have reawakened my interest for reading (it is a matter of priority indeed) and right now I am clicking back and forth and around looking for the best bargains at the book sale coming up on 24th February. So much to select between and right now I am looking at  health books, recipes, detective stories and novels. The novel All The Light We Cannot See has gotten 5 stars by 100 000 readers and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2015, the most prestigious honour in the US when it comes to literature. Well, I decided to trust 100 000 readers and pre-ordered it.

Blue kitchenware with dots.


A shiny jug for making the TV evenings a bit more luxurious.


The Lily candlestick in silver-plated brass.


A tray with mirror glass.

That's it. Good night!

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