From factory to apartment

Today I am inspired by Louise's and Anders' place, an old factory hall that has become an apartment. The gallery wall with modern art makes me sigh of admiration and the design icons, Arne Jacobsen's Seven chair in leather as well as the black Ant chairs around the dining table make everything so visually beautiful. The desk lamp Kaiser Idell is also from Fritz Hansen.

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February's bits and pieces

It is time for February's bits and pieces. Hope you find something you like!

wall lamp 
In fact I am not so into wall lamps as I have the same problem with these as with picture frames. All nail holes and my ever-changing mood. However, &tradition's reinterpretation of Arne Jacobsen's Bellevue lamp makes me consider it. So nice!  
More spring colours. A cushion in apricot.

I have dreamed of this speaker for a long time.

Simple sweater with polished buttons. So much blue.

A golden bottle-opener in the form of a palm. Perfect for summer life.

An elegant Norwegian candlestick with an interesting shape.

I have reawakened my interest for reading (it is a matter of priority indeed) and right now I am clicking back and forth and around looking for the best bargains at the book sale coming up on 24th February. So much to select between and right now I am looking at  health books, recipes, detective stories and novels. The novel All The Light We Cannot See has gotten 5 stars by 100 000 readers and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2015, the most prestigious honour in the US when it comes to literature. Well, I decided to trust 100 000 readers and pre-ordered it.

Blue kitchenware with dots.


A shiny jug for making the TV evenings a bit more luxurious.


The Lily candlestick in silver-plated brass.


A tray with mirror glass.

That's it. Good night!


At Filippa's place

Today's living room inspiration. A mix of classic design, vintage and botany. 
See more of Filippa Lindéns home here.
Photo Jesper Florbrant via Metro Mode | Home


Faves of the week

This week is ending with Valentine's day. With a flower picture I am wishing you a happy and good day with your dear ones and also provide you with a mix of the faves that I have spotted this week.

I already blogged about Issey Miyake x Iittala but later on I stumbled across these nice pictures of the collection.

Ferm Living is turning 10 years. Happy birthday!
Ikea's new collection Tillfälle is now out in the stores. I am curious about the table and jar with graphic pattern, as well as the stool and wooden cupboard.
I think it looks so gorgeous with freeze-dried raspberries on cakes and pastries. Next time I will decorate any chocolate cake with these.
Carolina Gynning is blogging about an old comeback. Levi's 501. What do you think?
I saw the blogger Helena Lyth on TV this morning and she was doing very easy paper hearts. The hearts can for example be used on plates as decorations. Or why not on gifts?
In the same programme I saw 34-year old Rachel sing her Fight Song. I know it has been out there for a long time already but I like her message and that she is a living example of her own song, which was written long before her world success. The song has given hope to a lot of people around the world with various fights...And she has a beautiful voice!
...I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion...
That will be the new week's mantra. Happy Sunday!


Issey Miyake x Iittala | From runway to tabletop

Issey Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer with fanciful creations on the runway, and Iittala, the Finnish design company specializing in design objects for the home, have today launched a unique collaboration with details for the home. There have been a lot of rumours and secret hints about this in social media lately and it seems to be the most hyped homeware collaboration this far during 2016.
The collection is already out on the market and is also exclusively sold at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) Design Store during the whole spring. The collection includes, among other things, pillows, place mats, napkins, cups and plates. All pieces are either in soft pastel or neutral tones. I was thinking that the pale pink colour refers to the famous Japanese cherry blossoms, and actually, it was true! :) 
Iittala’s creative director Jeremiah Tesolin says:
"The colors and shapes we’ve used are reflections of nature. Rich greens recall Scandinavia’s forests, while the shades of pale pink and gray reference the Sakura, the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees. The napkins carry a lovely detail from Japan: When folded, each is the shape of Mount Fuji."
I think it is an interesting collaboration. Some details are clearly inspired by the art of origami, which is an old Japanese paper-folding tradition.

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Positive pants

A day of rest. Happy Sunday!
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Charmy stone house in Sweden

Such beautiful architecture of this charmy stone house in southern Sweden. Here lives the blogger Malin Persson with her Italian husband and three kids. I like the rooftop, windows, doors, terrace and pillars with stone balls...
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