Wooden owls by Architectmade

This time of the year a lot of new interior details are popping up in the stores and are showed in social and printed media, at interior fairs and on blogs. Therefore I am happy to exclusively and uniquely being able to present one of these newcomers in my home, namely the small wooden owl by Paul Anker Hansen for Architectmade (1960). This new size of the bird comes with their spring and summer collection for 2016. The bigger owl has now gotten cute companionship and I think they are such a perfect match and cool duo!

When I came home from work the other day and was so excessively tired, these two were staring back at me and I could nothing but smile. I had earlier turned their heads slightly to the side (their heads are attached with magnets) and they were kind of looking like "What's up? Something wrong"? :)

I decided to have these in different colours as I think they somehow appear better together when there is a small contrast between them. They are crafted in smoked oak and natural oak.

I could not resist showing the whole big happy wooden family also...If you have followed my blog you might know already that I am weak for wooden birds and I just came to think of that at which stage do you cross the line and note that you are a collector? The other birds I have had from before but they all have in common that they come from Architectmade.

I am so happy for finally having figured out how to use my new system camera... As you see I could not stop once started. I have moved the owls around everywhere and they have finally ended up on my bookshelf.
Always take the forest with you...

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