Faves of the week

Here comes a list of my faves this week!

Warm metals have been in for a while, and will continue to be. But a strong challenger 2016 is now cold metal. And immediately when someone whispers, that this is in again, I fall for the trend (easy victim). So refreshing with something new. I like the new Lily candlesticks, in silver shimmer, by Skultuna. I believe in a mix of cold and warm metals this year.

Fashion squad has updated her dining area with a mix of just fabulous Grand Prix chairs. On my everlasting wish list. In teak.
You know what? Creating a completely fresh Pinterest account from scratch has made me so eager to pin again, just like in the good old days when it was new.


The Snoopy lamp by Flos seems to be the new it lamp by the bloggers. Seventeendoors has written a funny blog post about how come all bloggers have exactly the same taste. All is copying all and how do the top bloggers stand all the copycats following? Always when they buy something new it becames outdated because soon everyone has bought the same.
Phew, feels kind of exhausting to be there on the hot spot. It is a big no-no if you happen to buy something that someone else has. I myself do not care, I always buy what I like, whoever blogger happens to have it. Otherwise I would loose my passion for interior.
My mantra for today by Lisa Strøander. (*Danish for "I'll do it tomorrow). After all it's Sunday!
Happy Sunday all!

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