Dear things with a story | Town house in Copenhagen

Via Pella I first saw the green beautiful kitchen alà Kinfolk style and wanted to know more. It turned out to originate from a Copenhagen-based town house on a cobbled street in the Frederiksstaden district. The inhabitant of the house is Marie Worsaae, a partner at Aiayu, a Danish lifestyle brand focusing on sustainability.

The rest of the house seems equally cosy and full of, as Marie herself says, dear things with a little story. She doesn't want to live in a museum and mixes dear things that matters with classic furniture and great designs of high quality. All things are there to be lived in and used.

"I think usage is actually where things come alive. Using things doesn’t mean I don’t care for them though - really, it means the opposite.” / Marie

She seems like a clever person Marie. A revolt against those saving their best porcelain for the best days to come, who do not see the beauty in laundry and always stress in the mornings. Let's learn!

"So doing the coffee, I try and do it with care, and slowly. I don’t always have the time, but when I do, it unwinds me. Making dinner unwinds me too; in the kitchen, listening to the radio, that’s something that I love. I actually love to do my laundry as well, and hand writing letters. All those things relax me.” / Marie

The whole beautifully written article can be found here.

Photos Peter Kragballe  - 1 | 2