Summary of the year 2015

As you know I love lists (not my Post-its with to-dos, though), so I thought it would be a nice thing to summarize this year with a few categories. Last year I even did this Wisuella award, but not sure if I will do that one this year at all or if it will be enough with this one. This list will be a generic one related to design, culture and life style. Anyhow, take a look at my selections below and also to whom I would like to send this blog challenge further.

This year's...


It feels that the honour for this category can by no means be given to anyone else than Ilse Crawford. Her cooperation with IKEA this year and her creation of the Sinnerlig collection is what I remember most from the interior world during 2015. A lot of pictures of her products have been published on all social media platforms and in all magazines worth mentioning this year.



Interior detail

After Christmas I think we will see a boom of  Gloria candlesticks in social media. Everyone seems to have fallen in love with this simple and yet so clever product designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Klong. I would not mind it, either.

Are there any other simple things (thinking about the imitated halo around the candle) that we drew as kids that we could transform into elegantly designed prodcuts? Let's think about that...



Emelie Thornadtsson. New ceramist showing that imperfect is really perfect and beautiful.

Interior hype

Coloured walls. I am still into white walls and will not leave that no matter what or due to any existing trend, but the interior hype this year was to slightly move away from the "all in white" - thinking.

Blog phenomenon

I sometimes miss that there are no deep issues to discuss when it comes to interior (it is only "this is nice", "this is ugly", if you see what I mean) and there is no scientific depth within the area with no challenging topics to ponder over, but I guess that is also the reason why I love it as a relaxing spare time activity. A channel for my visual side. Sometimes, however, hot topics arise within the blogosphere and a small feather becomes really big. This year I particularly remember the easy-going debate about being personal or not when decorating your home. Brave trendsetters among the bloggers revealed their opinions that were differing from the ruling mass. We are tired of all homes looking the same, same, same and that all is copied from each other. Other currents claimed that if some bloggers or stylists do their own thing (by being personal), this style will also be copied by the mass and then this style is not personal anymore either. I do not remember all turns but it was refreshing to see that you can be "in" although not being as a few persons having decided to have a blog. Also, I think it is the matter of how you combine the things that makes your style personal. No use to fill up your home with ugly finds that no one else has, just to be personal or unique. Choose what you like and combine all as you like and never ever think of if someone already has bought that piece and it would so to say be "reserved".

So the blog phenomenon standing out this year was the request of being personal in the right way and "yourself".


A picture wall. Everyone has it. Mine is still non-existing and under construction. Just afraid that it will be sooo 2015 when I get it done.

My best purchase (gift from near ones) this year must be the Arne Jacobsen clock that I have wished for so many years now. It was one of the things that crowned by birthday this year.



I love to read books but I must say 2015 has been lousy when it comes to that. I mean, finding time. Therefore I will say that the colouring books is the new phenomenon that I will remember most from this year. A real boom that has hit the adult world. I am myself looking forward to this colouring book, by the artist Liselotte Watkins.


I guess you would here like to hear some wise words from any remarkable person this year. However, I think that the list of Japanese words that do not exist in any other language (at least not in those I know), says it all. How clever. I did not say that I need them (e.g. irusu) but I thought they were funny!

This year's royalty must be the newest Princess of Sweden 2015, Sofia. As a fresh breeze straight into the royal family with own opinions, tattoos, and a face full of authentic expressions. She is a great asset when it comes to speech and there is now a new, slight competition in the house on who's wearing the best dress. By international press she has been said to be the new Kate Middleton and the new royal style icon.

For the same reason as above I think the song that I remember as most special for 2015 was this touching one by Molly Sandén and Danny Saucedo, sung on the Prince wedding. The words in the song were written by Sofia, which made it particularly special as you see from the Prince's face in the video below. (If I had a male category it would go to him for sure, but considering the fact that you think I am too overwhelmed by this I leave that out.;)


I think this year's artist is Seinabo Sey. Such a marvellous voice. 



Retro sneakers.

As undone as possible.


2015 was the year when I first noticed this peculiar flower. The protea.


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And of course, if anyone else would also like to do the same list, please feel free to share an own version of it. Remember to add a link below in the comment field so that I can find your version, too. I would love to see what you remember most of 2015!

Photos 1 Yellowtrace | 2 Klong | 3-5, 10, 17 Pinterest | 6 Anna Malmberg | 7 Livet Hemma |  8 Kristofer Johnson for Residence | 9 Rosendahl | 11 A cup of Jo | 12-14, 16 Google | 15 The You Way



  1. Vilken kul och ambitiös lista! Jag älskar ju listor av alla de slag - läste denna med nöje. Kanske tar jag mig an en liknande. Tack för inspirationen! Gott Nytt År!

    1. Tack Weronica! Så glad jag blev av din kommentar! :) Kul att du gillade. Jag blir ju alltid så inspirerad av dina listor! Ett riktigt Gott Nytt År till dej!