Colouring book by Liselotte Watkins

Some of you might remember that I earlier wrote about the huge trend with colouring books (see here) and also about the illustrator Liselotte Watkin's art and home. In January she is publishing her first colouring book, Watkins värld : en målarbok,  and as I like her art I am looking forward to this book. Such a pity it is not for sale before Christmas, because it would have been the perfect gift for yourself or anyone. The price is not much for art by Liselotte herself, and maybe one book would be needed for colouring and experimenting, and one for saving as a black and white copy. The leaves are perforated so are easy to tear out!

Thanks for the tip Weronica!


Gingerbread mittens

Time for gingerbreads. I admire these made by Fine Little Day. Cut out with a butter knife.

I have the habit of collecting all kinds of gingerbread forms. This year I spotted the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower here, which would be so nice to have...!
Photos | Fine Little Day


Norwegian tones

Got this song tip from the Noe blog.
Enjoy the Norwegian tones.

Home decoration spring 2016

I know we are heading towards Christmas right now and my biggest concern at the moment is only which paper stars, plain or perforated, I should hang in the windows for Little Christmas this year (that is what we call the last Saturday before the 1st of Advent up here), but nevertheless all companies are pouring out beautiful spring news from all angels about what is to come. So let's pause Christmas for a while and look at some spring news that will soon be entering the thresholds of the stores.
The mood board above is made of press pictures of the spring news 2016 from Iittala and H&M Home. And yes, correct, I sneaked in also some other items as well just for the balance of the picture...
One of my favourites series by Iittala is Kastehelmi, and I have a collection of pieces in clear glass myself. I could, however, think of adding a few accent colours to it this spring. The small bowls, e.g., now come in emerald green and yellow.
Iittala also relaunches the cutlery with grooved handles. I think these look exactly as those I remember from what we used during my childhood.
When speaking of cutlery. Still dreaming of a complete set of golden pieces...
Then about interior fruit. As soon as the golden apple is available in H&M stores I will order it. Still suffering from the after-effects of my lost flea find (see here). This apple must be mine! Refreshing that the interior world finally has noticed that there are more fruit in the range than just pineapples in all possible shapes.
Apple | Green jar | Elephant | Press pictures H&M Home
Tray | Cutlery | Yellow and green bowls | Press pictures Iittala
Golden cutlery | Ilva


Flower power in a Swedish home

The way we play has did it again. Found one of those cosy Swedish homes filled with Svenskt Tenn classics. Patterned, flowery cushions and lampshades, brass elements, cermamic pots and tray table. This is at home by Nina Philipson who is the founder and CEO of Iconic Sthlm, a digital communication office.

See more pictures of the home here.


Home tour in Gothenburg, Sweden

I seldom find something to show from Hemnet (everything is wishy-washy and looking the same) but today I make an exception. This home is for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am not looking at the apartment, but at the details that I like here. I spotted a few favourites on my list that I am every now and then thinking of. The marble pendant, table lamp, some teak chairs, the radio and Dagg vase...I also feel it is time to take a flea market tour soon. Maybe it is filled with some extraordinary Christmas things...

Have a nice evening and good start of the week.


Christmas at Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn has filled its webshop with a lot of Christmas beauties.
These are my absolute favourites this year!