Halloween DIY lantern

I have admired this Halloween lantern at Esmaralda's blog a couple of times already, yesterday and today. I was about to do it as I thought it would have been a cool paper lantern on my bookshelf  this weekend (with battery lights inside of course), but then my plans somehow crashed. I was too late on the run before everything got closed and did not find anything else than oddly shaped balloons, yelllow shining LED lights and no black tissue paper so I gave up. Maybe the stores are open by you today, so that you can still find "the ingredients" if you would like to do this. Anyhow Esmaralda has done it perfectly so just looking at the pictures is inspiring. See more on her blog here. It seems like quite an easy DIY tip as all you need is:

a balloon
tissue paper
a LED light

1. Glue newspaper and tissue paper on a blown up balloon.
2. Prick the balloon.
3. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.
4. Place a battery LED light inside. Not a candle!
All credit to Esmaralda 
Picture found via her Pinterest and blog

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