Visiting Hammarby Sjöstad

This home is for sale in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, by Fantastic Frank. What I want to save to my inspiration folder in these pictures is the Superfront cabinet. Superfront is making front designs that fit exactly on Ikea's Bestå cabinets. As you know I have a Bestå cabinet in my living room and sometimes I play with the thought to replace the doors with Superfront's doors to make it look a bit more exclusive, new and personal. I would not dare to go for bluish-grey fronts and sides as above, but if I had another hallway than now, I think this colour would look very good there as well. I love the fish-scale pattern and, not the least, the handles.
Other things in these pictures that I like are the black candlestick and the Bless-this-house-mat in brass. And what a pity that the Sinnerlig jug by Ilse Crawford is only available on spot in the Ikea stores, not in the webshop. I just see a pink, blue and green flower arrangement in it...

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