New lamp

Hi from the blog shadow! I did not at all plan to be away this long, but suddenly the twenty-four hours were not quite enough for me and I had no choice. New work load and tasks, some trips and long days with tiredness in the evenings. On top of this it has been my birthday and I have fixed a bit for some small celebrations coming up. Besides this my bike has gotten stolen, which has, until now, been quite a rare thing in our little, safe town. So everything has been a mess at all fronts, but today I managed to catch up a bit with everything that has piled up lately. The home is super clean and all post-it notes have been gone through.

I have so missed sitting down at the computer, blogging, surfing around, reading newspapers and blogs. I think that is my kind of revival to cope with my everyday life otherwise. I do not like a hectic life style and need those slow moments in-between.

I tried to take some new photos with my new system camera, but, gosh, those settings! I need to practise more. Anyway no time for that now so here you can see some of my birthday gifts. A loveable, black Gubi lamp and a new book. I planned to have the lamp on my desk, but as the shade was quite low I thought it suits the bedside table better, to direct the light only on my book pages when reading, without lightening up the whole room.
Happy weekend!

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  1. I love it! Black and gold work great together. I'm currently waiting for my home improvement to start and I literally can't wait anymore ;) I have just seen even more about ensuite bathroom inspirations on pinterest, let me know if you know any other cool inspiration places!