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I was really inspired when I read about colouring books for adults in my local newspaper! This seems to be a real craze and new phenomenon, which has hit the world. In USA the national colouring book day (!) was celebrated on 2nd August, for the first time ever. Even in France the Parisian elite is said to be colouring in the cafés of the capital.

The popular trend is said to cure stress, be permissive, portable, uncomplicated, nostalgic and a counterbalance to the digital world around us. For once, no screen is involved. When colouring, it does not need to get ready or good, it is the cooperation between eye and hand and the concentration on colours that is soothing and relaxing. At the same time you must be creative and decisive about which colours to choose next.

One of the most popular illustrators right now is Johanna Basford from Scotland. Her first colouring book "The Secret Garden" has sold more than 2 million copies. A coloruing book with black and white pages of flowers, leaves, trees and birds. The art in the book is super intricate and for adults.

Colouring books for adults have for a longer time been topping or taken up nearly half of the well-known bestseller lists. Interesting, isn't it? I am curious to test this out. If some leaf becomes really nice, you could probably also tear it out and frame it...

Have you heard of and tried this trend yet? If so, do you like it? I will try to get hold of Johanna's books, but seems that "Secret Garden" is sold out here right now. In October her next book appears, "The Lost Ocean". It is also said that another colouring book is appearing in October by George RR Martin, with pictures inspired from the TV-series Game of Thrones.

Johanna Basford quotations in The Guardian:

"I'm a grown-up but I still like colouring books."

“I think it is really relaxing, to do something analogue, to unplug. And it’s creative. For many people a blank sheet is very daunting - with a colouring book you just need to bring the colour.”

Pictures of amazing artwork can be found all over Instagram. People are proud to show their masterpieces.

"I reckon people are taking their kids’ pictures off the fridge and replacing them with their own.”

Seems to be worth trying. Will you?

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