Liselotte Watkins's home in Milano

The latest issue (6/2015) of Elle Decoration features the Swedish illustrator Liselotte Watkins's home in Milano, Italy. I could not find any electronic pictures from their site yet, but I could find similar ones on other sites. What I paid attention to most in the magazine article were the unique cone-liked ceramic pots with the cactuses! Something to look for if you visit Sicily as these were part of the ceramic tradition on the island.
I also noted the ceramic jugs that Liselotte had found on flea markets and painted halfway green and pink. Quite an easy DIY tip if you find some suitable old vintage jug, nice in form, but otherwise a bit boring or insignificant. Paint it as if you had threw the jug yourself, in any colour or with dots or stripes on it!
Liselotte Watkins's work is also amazing. I like the cut out paper pieces that forms persons and beautiful, colourful works of art.
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