A lovely Swedish home

I was really ínspired when I saw these breakfast pictures at the blog Så fint jag vill the other day. I almost made up my mind now that I need this beautiful carafe as well (have dreamed of it for a long time). For colourful breakfast juice, flowers and as decoration. As a small substitute for the Dagg vase that I see no legitimate reason for buying right now (I already have plenty of vases). I like the feeling in these pictures. No premeditated styling, just with an easy sense of artistic touch when putting things down, that just goes right. Vintage, new, colours, details...

A few days later I noticed that Kristin and Johanna had again been on a beautiful home visit, this time to this very same home above by Så fint jag vill. You can view more delicate pictures and seek inspiration from the personal and cosy home by Nanna van Berlekom in the interview here. And I, who have not been into the bistro chairs earlier, have changed my mind! In the correct spot they are suddenly just awesome!
Happy Sunday! I hope the sun shine on you today!


  1. what a beautiful inspiration. love the table!!

    1. Yes, everything is simply gorgeous, isn't it? :)