Autumn wish list

Maybe you have noticed that the text and pictures have been jumping back and forth inside here. I have struggled for a while with a new layout and finally I think--***^^ I am ready! I am much more content with one sidebar than two and now there will also be bigger pictures, which I hope you like!
Yesterday I was out in the archipelago with my sister and friends and we had one of those really hot, sunny summer days that have been so rare this summer. I forgot both sunglasses and sun lotion, which was a big minus minus. Today it is back to normal again... Some kind of autumn sense in the air and I felt like doing a small autumn collage with nice things on my mind!
1. This sky picture is quite expensive, but I save it as a mental memory. I would like to photograph clouds at the shore, just before a real thunderstorm!
2. Kinfolk publishes an interior book this autumn. It will probably be interesting and has a beautiful cover!
3. I am thinking of the to be or not to be of a windowsill in my living room. I picture a high fig tree on it that would frame my window a bit.
4.  I love the Gräshoppa lamp by Gubi. I would love to have it on my desk during dark autumn evenings.
5. A picture with real autumn mood. In fact, I like rain clouds!
6. Flared jeans are popping up in the stores everywhere. An autumn-must?
7. Beautiful brown autumn shoes!
8. I would like to have this lamp close to some wooden furniture (the colour mix would look so good). I can't get enough of the bright colours on it!
9. I admire this tray with two layers. Perfect for my fruit cravings. My fruit bowls are too full and the piles tend to drop...

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