At Emma von Brömssen's place

Can you also see or feel it? That here lives an artist? This is the home of the designer Emma von Brömssen. Kristin Lagerqvist has again been on the go with the camera and taken magical summery pictures. Without laying anything in order, styling or arranging the settings, but bringing about a sense of real moments and life. How tired I am of those styled pictures, the usual trend on the blogs.

I got reminded of how "in" all the old-time porcelain is. Odd pieces of plates and bowls à la grandma. I came to think of a marmalade or sugar spoon I got from a relative in my teens. With a lot of frills and ornaments on it. I have to find it! ;)

I also felt that mood awakening, to create something myself. A drawing, card, picture, pattern...I like the motif of the stamp on the wall!

Now I also know which tray is missing from my Svenskt Tenn collection. I did, however, not find it in the webshop.

More inspiration and the whole home can be found here.


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