Autumn wish list

Maybe you have noticed that the text and pictures have been jumping back and forth inside here. I have struggled for a while with a new layout and finally I think--***^^ I am ready! I am much more content with one sidebar than two and now there will also be bigger pictures, which I hope you like!
Yesterday I was out in the archipelago with my sister and friends and we had one of those really hot, sunny summer days that have been so rare this summer. I forgot both sunglasses and sun lotion, which was a big minus minus. Today it is back to normal again... Some kind of autumn sense in the air and I felt like doing a small autumn collage with nice things on my mind!
1. This sky picture is quite expensive, but I save it as a mental memory. I would like to photograph clouds at the shore, just before a real thunderstorm!
2. Kinfolk publishes an interior book this autumn. It will probably be interesting and has a beautiful cover!
3. I am thinking of the to be or not to be of a windowsill in my living room. I picture a high fig tree on it that would frame my window a bit.
4.  I love the Gräshoppa lamp by Gubi. I would love to have it on my desk during dark autumn evenings.
5. A picture with real autumn mood. In fact, I like rain clouds!
6. Flared jeans are popping up in the stores everywhere. An autumn-must?
7. Beautiful brown autumn shoes!
8. I would like to have this lamp close to some wooden furniture (the colour mix would look so good). I can't get enough of the bright colours on it!
9. I admire this tray with two layers. Perfect for my fruit cravings. My fruit bowls are too full and the piles tend to drop...


At Emma von Brömssen's place

Can you also see or feel it? That here lives an artist? This is the home of the designer Emma von Brömssen. Kristin Lagerqvist has again been on the go with the camera and taken magical summery pictures. Without laying anything in order, styling or arranging the settings, but bringing about a sense of real moments and life. How tired I am of those styled pictures, the usual trend on the blogs.

I got reminded of how "in" all the old-time porcelain is. Odd pieces of plates and bowls à la grandma. I came to think of a marmalade or sugar spoon I got from a relative in my teens. With a lot of frills and ornaments on it. I have to find it! ;)

I also felt that mood awakening, to create something myself. A drawing, card, picture, pattern...I like the motif of the stamp on the wall!

Now I also know which tray is missing from my Svenskt Tenn collection. I did, however, not find it in the webshop.

More inspiration and the whole home can be found here.



Summer mood


My first week of holiday (out of 5) has started! With a bit of unstable weather but nevertheless I feel light-hearted. Freedom to do whatever you like with no timetable at all! What a luxury! Sometimes I  have hard to relax and tend to forget that I am on holiday now and not in a hurry anywhere...I am working on it, though...:) I was thinking that I have more time for the blog now, but surprisinly the first days have just swished by with offline activities. Yesterday I finally bought a new system camera, one of the newest models by Nikon! I am so happy about it! Looking forward to soon be able to share more own pictures on the blog, with better quality than before. But first I have to learn how to use it... At least the buttons.;) What are you up to at the moment, during the best summer days of July?

Above my latest Pinspiration. I am, however, a bit frustrated with Pinterest right now (a real luxury problem, I know). People are following me (I can see this on my email), but the amount of followers are not increasing unless the followers follow all of my boards. This is not the same for other people. I have tested. The support does not give any help. So feels a bit unfair, but what can you do... Any tips? The same for you? I was just thinking how many followers I would actually have. Although I am old enough and should not care about this. :) Anyway, a bug!