Ikea news 2015 and 2016

I happened to stumble across these interesting pictures yesterday with the new collections that Ikea is going to launch later this autumn and also as far ahead as during 2016. The pictures were nicely photographed in a way that I like and the news looked really interesting so I wanted to share them with you. They are taken by Marie Claire Maison during an event in Älmhult earlier this spring where the new upcoming collections were presented. The Sinnerlig collection has circulated quite much in the blogosphere already, but otherwise there were a lot of other interesting news also coming. I was surprised that no one else than the French magazine has yet paid attention to all of these.
Sinnerlig by Ilse Crawford. Available in September 2015.
Skogsta. Available in August 2015.
 Sittning. Available in September 2015.
Viktigt by Ingegerd Råman. Available in May 2016.
Tillfälle. Available in February 2016.
Svärtan by Martin Bergström. Available in August 2016.
Användbar. Available in April 2016.
What I liked most?
The Tillfälle series with the small coffee table with graphic pattern and the wooden stool with black topping! I also liked the Skogsta stool and the Viktigt cane chair in black for outdoor living.

Which one is your favourite?


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