Blog tip | Our food stories

I found a new German - English food blog today (thanks Holly for the tip) with beautifully styled food pictures. It is called Our food stories and the bloggers behind it are two Berliners, the fashion designer/food stylist Nora Eisermann and the photographer Laura Muthesius.

What I like most is that they use a mix of Scandinavian tableware and vintage pieces together with a lot of flowers and leaves in the pictures.

The first picture with the letter plates forming the word "food" was a fun idea. I think I never get rid of my hangup for graphic things!
Photos | Our food stories


  1. Aww, thanks so much!! So happy that you like our work! Hugs from Berlin <3

    1. Yes, your blog is a real inspiration source! :) So stylish photos! Hugs back! :)