Weekend heroes

A little glimpse from my breakfast on my new summer plate. It is called Sitruunapuu and I bought it last time when I visited Marimekko in a nearby town. I am having a real hung-up right now on fruit, berries, smoothies and those rye buttons with chili taste...

We had a good party yesterday celebrating my long-term best friend who turned 40. I got really inspired by the table setting with a lot of different vintage plates in blue, brown and green. It looked so good! Of course we also had one ear on the Eurovision song contest and it was an ear-splitting noise in the room when Måns Zelmerlöw won! Amore! Love! He was best!

Now the sun is shining so much that I hardly can see my computer screen anymore or even how the pictures look unedited, so I will sign out and enjoy the Sunday outside! Not sure if I will be sun-bathing and reading, going for a run on the jogging track in the forest or simply taking a walk to the flea market or flower store. Always too many options! I can't choose! Have a good day!


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