How to avoid mess!

I have for a longer time thought that I just need to get a new order in my cupboards and wardrobe before the summer holidays. I always feel much more comfortable when everything is in order. Just recently I got a package from Nomess Copenhagen with some items that will help me out on this front and which also pushed me to start. The brand really says it all - no mess anymore!

My jewellery always get tangled up. Usually I do not have time to separate them when going somewhere and I grab the same every morning. With this little jewellery box I can put earrings, rings and smaller necklaces in the colourful boxes and always have them neatly in the same place.
I am always lacking hangers. No matter what. When hanging in clothes after washing, guest are coming, new clothes are bought. And I hate to put double layers as I forget what is under. These are my new hangers in black and gold! If I would have been braver I had chosen more colours because there are a lot of colours of these ones and they all look good.
My potholders have been lying around for a longer time. These S-hooks in silver really seem to be a trifle, but I think they solved a major problem in my home. I finally have somewhere nice to hang the potholders and it makes the kitchen a little more colourful now, when the pattern is visible. I noticed that the hooks are available in a lot of different colours.
I also tried a bigger hook for my jeans shorts. And you see, I am a bit braver here. This S-hook is in lime!
This transparent box can be used for all kinds of small things lying around. I filled it like this for the blog, but you know what? After this photo shoot it will be so perfect for all kinds of "first aid" stuff. My stock of contact lenses, allergy medicine, plasters, headache tablets and so on. I will put all packages inside but you can still find and see them, without having to seek and poke about in the pile as I need now.
And finally, this cute piece of news from Nomess Copenhagen. A pastel-coloured box with two layers!
All mentioned products above come from the Danish brand Nomess Copenhagen and if you are looking for the same and additional kinds of storage possibilites, see more here! The collection is broad!
*In cooperation with Nomess Copenhagen


Kastehelmi news

Press pictures Iittala / collage by me
One of my favourite Iittala series is Kastehelmi by Oiva Toikka. I always choose the clear Kastehelmi bowl when I have some candies or something small in size to serve. The pattern with the dewdrops looks so luxurious and stylistically pure. I can tell you I died a bit when I saw the Iittala news for autumn 2015. Glasses and jars are coming, which have not been available before in this series. Glasses are exactly the thing that is missing from the series. So beautiful! As if I did not have enough glasses already I immediately feel that possessive instinct awakening again...The jars are also fresh and cool newcomers. These can be decorative anywhere!


Forthcoming marriage gift

The crown prince couple received this beautiful candlestick as forthcoming marriage gift last Sunday. The designer Hanna Dalrot, who comes from the same place as Sofia Hellqvist, got the honorary task to design a gift for the couple on behalf of the municipality Älvdalen. It is made of silver and porphyry (a kind of rock available in Älvdalen). Just as the blog Inredningshjälpen I agree totally that it resembles the ball candlesticks from Svenskt Tenn. Very beautiful! I like it. I wonder if it will be available for ordinary human beings as well?
Candlestick picture Trendspanarna | Other pics Aftonbladet Expressen Pinterest


Small victories

My latest pinspiration may speak for itself this Sunday afternoon. Biking, sunsets, clothes and small victories. I have shopped for two weeks now and I still have nothing to wear. My friend's b i g 40th birthday party is coming up next weekend. Fun! Have a nice end of week and beginning of next!

All pictures via my Pinterest


Patio inspiration

I made a mood board with inspiration for patio and plants.

I would like to have a watering can that is so nice that it could be at hand and fully visible all the time. The golden one is my favourite, but the black one I would prefer to have on my balcony!



Lagerhaus sends to Scandinavian customers

The Swedish company Lagerhaus is expanding in Scandinavia. A new store opened on 2nd May in Oslo and at the same time Lagerhaus launched a new version of the webshop where delieveries to Finland, Norway and Denmark now are possible. Good news for all outside Sweden!
Picture Lagerhaus | Collage by me


Morning bird

Good morning! It is a beautiful Monday because I have one week's holiday! I usually prefer to postpone the winter holiday as late as possible, until spring, because it is so much more enjoyable to be outside when it is light outside, the sun is shining, nature awakes and it is warm!

I am real morning bird, too. The whole day is spoiled if I sleep too long. It is something special with the morning light and also having a lot of extra hours to use how you like. Eating breakfast without rush and just being at home. Precious time! :) Have a nice day!


Forest house by Norm Architects

The Forest house by Norm Architects is situated on a forest lot north of Copenhagen. The house has been completely redone to interact with the surrounding nature and open up the atmosphere inside with less walls to give it an airy Scandinavian style.

I really love the result. The purity and simpleness and how the design classics stand out against the white walls and the beautiful changing scenery.

The pictures just strenghten my feeling that the Grand Prix chair and the LTR table would be such a good match in my home, too...
Photos: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen / via Archdaily


Beautiful blanket

Beautiful new brown woollen Crux blanket by Pia Wallén.