The list of the month - April

Here comes my list of the month. The blog post and categories are a challenge by Tant Johanna. Feel free to pick it up if you like. Here we go April!
I was thinking about striking through this category and write b i k e instead (as the weather is so lovely nowadays and we need to breathe fresh air), but then I found this one. So cute. Makes me smile. For warm days!

On my way to the hairdresser's this Thursday. Cut it long is my device.
I notice that I am very much into platform shoes this spring.
Such a shame that I do not have Zara around the corner.


Pinterest is full of those "Great minds think alike"-quotes. I nod and pin.


The cup of the month is an explosion of colours and blooms. Can you picture this in the garden? A tray with afternoon coffee, sun glasses and t h i s cup! I love it! Summer!


I need a new book to read. I have started to check the The New York Times' best seller list when in doubt. So many people cannot be wrong. Any tips, though? I already blogged about the book of the month, but this interests me, too. Kinfolk about entrepreneurship. Kinfolk also seems to be a safe card to success when photographing (see all variants and repetitions here). But I am interested anyway. Both in the contents and cover! (The picture above is from an article about scribbling in the book).

Food  Recipe

I watched Ernst in Toscana (TV-series) yesterday. He made a fruit pie. Sounded delicious (see the recipe here). And I sighed when he started to paint in that beautiful scenery. Seemed like a marvellous spot for inspiration.

Place to visit

Actually I just want to be at home, so not wishing to travel anywhere right now. It is a beautiful and warm season ahead.
Sweatshirt  Clothes
Beautiful fashion picture.
It is time for mocha, flared jeans and ancient sandals.
Read this hilarious article about the flared jeans.
Have a good week! Hope the list inspired you!
Pictures 1-2, 4, 7 Pinterest 3, 8 Zara 6 Kinfolk 5 Marimekko


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