The list of the month - April

Here comes my list of the month. The blog post and categories are a challenge by Tant Johanna. Feel free to pick it up if you like. Here we go April!
I was thinking about striking through this category and write b i k e instead (as the weather is so lovely nowadays and we need to breathe fresh air), but then I found this one. So cute. Makes me smile. For warm days!

On my way to the hairdresser's this Thursday. Cut it long is my device.
I notice that I am very much into platform shoes this spring.
Such a shame that I do not have Zara around the corner.


Pinterest is full of those "Great minds think alike"-quotes. I nod and pin.


The cup of the month is an explosion of colours and blooms. Can you picture this in the garden? A tray with afternoon coffee, sun glasses and t h i s cup! I love it! Summer!


I need a new book to read. I have started to check the The New York Times' best seller list when in doubt. So many people cannot be wrong. Any tips, though? I already blogged about the book of the month, but this interests me, too. Kinfolk about entrepreneurship. Kinfolk also seems to be a safe card to success when photographing (see all variants and repetitions here). But I am interested anyway. Both in the contents and cover! (The picture above is from an article about scribbling in the book).

Food  Recipe

I watched Ernst in Toscana (TV-series) yesterday. He made a fruit pie. Sounded delicious (see the recipe here). And I sighed when he started to paint in that beautiful scenery. Seemed like a marvellous spot for inspiration.

Place to visit

Actually I just want to be at home, so not wishing to travel anywhere right now. It is a beautiful and warm season ahead.
Sweatshirt  Clothes
Beautiful fashion picture.
It is time for mocha, flared jeans and ancient sandals.
Read this hilarious article about the flared jeans.
Have a good week! Hope the list inspired you!
Pictures 1-2, 4, 7 Pinterest 3, 8 Zara 6 Kinfolk 5 Marimekko


One more cushion...

 I admire these cushions by Afroart.


Series 7™ chair in new colours by Tal R

A real blog boom right now is the news that Arne Jacobsen's classic 7™ chair comes in nine new colours picked by the Danish artist Tal R. This to celebrate that the chair has sold more than seven million copies this far (wow) and celebrates its 60th anniversary. Isn't it fantastic that this chair is still popular after six decades and despite all remarkable changes in technology, culture and life style? I am so happy that I bought my black ones many years ago! They are still my favourites!

For some chairs Tal R has chosen the same colour for both the base and seat to create a monochrome look. I like especially the black and white ones! How new and fresh they look!  

Which is your favourite colour?



Morning glory

These lovely Sundays!


New recipes by Leila

This was a nice surprise! A new recipe book by Leila Lindholm! All with healthy and fresh recipes! I will put me on the order list, lean back and wait for the book to be published and to drop down in my letterbox! Success! Easily the book of the month!

Cross-stitch patterns

Cool DIY idea. Embroidery in cross-stitch on a bistro chair.
There are numerous cross-stitch patterns to be found on the Internet.


Flared jeans

The flared jeans from the 70s are back! I got lost in all the denim pictures from the 70s and today. Here are the icons Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett wearing these. What do you think of this spring and summer trend? Will you have a pair in your wardrobe? I think the right model in the right shade could look pretty good with some shoes having the same vibes of the 70s, e.g. shoes with thick soles. Are we ready to let go of the skinny jeans? Are these unflattering or instead making your legs look longer? I have not tried any pair yet. I think the top part must be tucked in, tight or short.
So! This was a mental escape from interior once in a while.



Happy Easter!

Finally Easter! I have waited for you! Started out with breakfast in front of the TV (yes, it is allowed...). Early and slow mornings are my melody for four days ahead. On the agenda are Easter dinners with family and friends and doing whatever I like whenever I like...I have saved my usual winter holiday for May so these four free days are more than welcomed.

I took these pictures last weekend and some more decorations and yellow and flame-coloured flowers have appeared still, but here is anyway a glimpse of some of my Easter decorations. I like the black wooden eggs (brand unknown) that I found recently!

Happy Easter to all of you!