Easy Eastern DIY tip

I am always late when it comes to celebrations. All DIY tips feel unnecessary to do in the very last minute with no material available. Then I always think that next time I will be the first on the ball! So for once. At your service! Forgive me if it is too early, but this is a lovely DIY tip for Easter! And maybe it is not too early, as often the best tips by the bloggers come way too late for me even being able to think about accomplishing them.

I have searched for modern, nice and easy Eastern DIY tips for ages (I mean all years back). For any kind of tips that neither are ugly nor where you need to go nuts before it is ready - and this is it! So nice! Take a look at the tutorial over here at Squirrelly minds. I would like to try it out as I love to mix colours without no rules at all!

One thing, though. Warning! Be careful with your walls!

All you need is:

white eggs, blown out and dry
a bottle cap
a paintbrush
paint (different colours)

All pictures | Squirrelly minds

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