Dagg vase

This vase has been in for a very long time, and seen on most blogs, but I still like it. To me it is not about being first or being trendy. It is all about the design. I think the rumba of being first, trendy and in (and then disregarding something when seen too much) misses the whole point. It is not about that, it is about the aesthetics in the design and how watching it stands the ravages of time. But that is another story.:) I could, for example, equally well state that the Eames chairs (seen a million times) still are very beautiful in design with the base this way and that and the perfect form and contrast of different materials. How do you look at this topic?
I love the form and bubbles on this vase (although the vase itself is a bit too large in size). So still heavily on my long wish list! It looks so beautiful with straggly flowers in it!


  1. You have to fall in love with something, like I did with this vase from the first moment. It doesn't matter if anything is trendy or "over exposed", to me, it brings me joy every time I look at it on my table. That's good design.

    1. So true. It must bring you a lot of everyday joy! :)