Paper love

I have got a crush on these paper bags that I found in the flower shop yesterday. Perfect for some spring flowers. The bags are not waterproof, though, so you need to have a pot and plate inside as well. I will have to go and buy a few more tomorrow. Would look good with daffodils inside, too! Or why not for herbs in the kitchen?


Esteri Tomula | Pastoraali pattern

I bought some white porcelain plates in different shapes some time ago. Still wondering what do with them and what to paint. Lately I have tried to learn from the best by doodling details and imitating illustrations from the 50s and 60s. I know that I will not be able to do anything advanced first time on porcelain but at least it is fun to play with the ideas. Above are some drawings by the pottery artist Esteri Tomula for Arabia (1965-69). Love them! Would definitely by any pieces on the flea market if I would come across.

Well, I probably end up doing some dots instead. But at least I have imitated all single details above on paper. Maybe I am able to turn it into something new and own later.

Would like to do so much more creative stuff, but you know. Then you have to sleep, eat and work, too! :)