The list of the month - February

Not at all late. Just on the very last day of the month I pick up Tant Johanna's challenge with The list of the month. Here it comes, my February list! Yay!


Mostly foam cars on my mind, but if I have to choose or dream, I choose Audi. Always Audi.


I heart Vagabond. Maybe these ones this spring?

Messy braids.


This must be the most pinned word on my Pinterest. This came to my mind when thinking of a new camera. So true. In the end, it all depends on the one standing behind the camera. The camera is just an inevitable tool. Nikon or Canon? Do you have any advice?


The cup of the month is of course KoKo by Arabia, as I spent a Saturday photographing it this month. You can still win a set of own chosen KoKo products in any wished colour (white is also a colour!) to 150 € on my blog here in this post. Please join!



I am still reading this, by Gillian Flynn, (my twenty-four hours are too short) and it is so good. But next, I want the running book by Jessica Almenäs, one of my favourite TV comperes. I also want to read more of Gillian Flynn, have the Josef Frank book on my coffee table (love the pattern), and buy Maria Lang just because of the illustrations on the cover. In fact I want to read a lot more!

I am deeply fascinated by Hanna's beautiful pictures of food. So colourful and sharp photos. I like that it is all in with colours!

"If music be the food of love, play on". I agree Shakespeare. I want this loudspeaker.


Place to visit
Copenhagen. Or any city with much hidden design treasures and illustrations. I would also love to go somewhere with a lot of beautiful architecture or nature to photograph a lot of visual details!


This for lazy Saturdays.

Hope it all inspired you! Have a nice weekend!

Johanna, more | new lists for March?

Pictures 1 Audi | 2 VagabondPinterest  | 3 Pinterest | 4 Wisuella | 5 Adlibris | 6  Hanna Göransson, collage by Wisuella | 7 Marshall | 8 Pinterest | 9 Vila


  1. I do not know if you bought your camera. But I've always said the same thing as you: regardless of the value of your camera, it is the eye behind...

    Having tried two brands, I prefer the configuration and the colours of Nikon. Nikon, the colors are less pigmented, less saturated. This is my second Nikon and I love ! but it is a matter of taste.

    1. Thank you so much for your words Bianca! :-) No I have not bought any camera yet so I am happy to hear your opinions! I would need to find some time for studying and comparing them still as I am not sure at all what to choose. So all thoughts are very welcomed! :-)