Spring in the air by Fiskars and Iittala

Last week I got a happy surprise gift behind the door. I usually know what I get for Christmas and birthdays (due to my never-ending wish list) so this was a surprise in its real sense and I was really eager when opening it. It cheered up my day just at the right moment! Thank you Fiskars and Iittala for the nice and kind gift! Maybe there is an app or something scanning my cupboard for this was exactly what I needed! When I made lunch yesterday I took some photos of my new kitchenware. The salad making went a lot smoother than before with the Functional form salad spinner from Fiskars. You can easily get rid of all extra water from lettuce leaves by spinning them around in the bowl. It was also much easier to rinse, keep and dry the vegetables in the strainer than with them lying all around your kitchen during your cooking. Then they dried in there until I was ready to use or chop up them and could just pour away all collected water. Maybe you have this from before; I for some reason did not have it. The kitchen towels from Iittala are also new beautiful spring news in the Origo series.
Products from Fiskars and Iittala

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