The list of the month - February

Not at all late. Just on the very last day of the month I pick up Tant Johanna's challenge with The list of the month. Here it comes, my February list! Yay!


Mostly foam cars on my mind, but if I have to choose or dream, I choose Audi. Always Audi.


I heart Vagabond. Maybe these ones this spring?

Messy braids.


This must be the most pinned word on my Pinterest. This came to my mind when thinking of a new camera. So true. In the end, it all depends on the one standing behind the camera. The camera is just an inevitable tool. Nikon or Canon? Do you have any advice?


The cup of the month is of course KoKo by Arabia, as I spent a Saturday photographing it this month. You can still win a set of own chosen KoKo products in any wished colour (white is also a colour!) to 150 € on my blog here in this post. Please join!



I am still reading this, by Gillian Flynn, (my twenty-four hours are too short) and it is so good. But next, I want the running book by Jessica Almenäs, one of my favourite TV comperes. I also want to read more of Gillian Flynn, have the Josef Frank book on my coffee table (love the pattern), and buy Maria Lang just because of the illustrations on the cover. In fact I want to read a lot more!

I am deeply fascinated by Hanna's beautiful pictures of food. So colourful and sharp photos. I like that it is all in with colours!

"If music be the food of love, play on". I agree Shakespeare. I want this loudspeaker.


Place to visit
Copenhagen. Or any city with much hidden design treasures and illustrations. I would also love to go somewhere with a lot of beautiful architecture or nature to photograph a lot of visual details!


This for lazy Saturdays.

Hope it all inspired you! Have a nice weekend!

Johanna, more | new lists for March?

Pictures 1 Audi | 2 VagabondPinterest  | 3 Pinterest | 4 Wisuella | 5 Adlibris | 6  Hanna Göransson, collage by Wisuella | 7 Marshall | 8 Pinterest | 9 Vila


Arabia giveaway | KoKo series 10 years


Welcome spring!
I recently got the opportunity to do a table setting with the newcomers in Arabia's KoKo series. The new colours of the cups, bowls and plates this spring are beautifully yellow and green and are suitably called Sahrami (saffron) and Niitty (meadow). I immediately came to think of spring and nature and wanted to bring this feeling inside, as we still have to wait a while for the real spring.

I mixed Arabia's KoKo series with a collection of Iittala products and also my own tableware by Iittala. The good thing with these brands is that everything matches! KoKo is plain and of one single colour, which makes it easy to mix with other series. Just according to your mood.

After using these I was at least very willing to adopt some more accent colours after this black, dark and semi-cold winter. And do you see? The sun beams are finally finding their way inside my home again!
KoKo is turning 10 this year. Happy birthday KoKo!
And now, wow, to the best...!
Arabia is giving you the possibility to win KoKo products of your own choice, in any wished colour (including white), to a total value of 150 €!

All you have to do is to check the products behind this link and tell which is (are) your favourite colour(s) in the KoKo series? Please add your answer in the comment field below!

The competition ends on Sunday 8th March 11.59 p.m EET. The winner will be annonunced on the blog.

Good luck!
The competition has ended. Congratulations Mari V! You are the lucky winner of an own set of KoKo products! Please email me your contact details.


Inspired by the sea

Brand new is the launch of the two-year long planned design cooperation between Stelton and Bernadotte & Kylberg. It caught my interest, of course. I think it is so interesting that the Prince is leaving behind a mark in the interior world of the present times. Tomorrow's design history?
The collection is called Stockholm and consists of bowls and vases in polished aluminium and enamel. They are tinged with different shades of blue (just like the Baltic Sea they say) and I think blue is experiencing a renaissance right now. Would look quite right with some colourful tulips inside that vase! Or some lemons or fruit in the bowl.
May I guess that these will be on a place of honour in Prince Carl Philip and Sofia's new home?
Pictures from Stelton and Bernadotte & Kylberg


Owl by Architectmade

As you know I am weak for those wooden birds... I love this new owl by Architectmade in smoked oak wood!


Elephant posters

Estrid Ericson, the founder of Svenskt Tenn, is topical right now because of the exhibition Mistress of Modern at the museum Röhsska in Göteborg.

Thanks to this her pattern Elefant is now also available as posters in the museum's webshop. In black, red or blue with a faint Ö in the right-hand corner.
 Pictures | Röhsska museet



Garden dreams

I bought a new flower this weekend. A Peperomia. Please stay alive! It is gorgeous and fresh now. The Urban planter's set is a nice gift that I received from Fiskars last week. Perfect for indoor use or when making small arrangements on my balcony. The knife is good to have in the pocket when going out in the nature or garden to fetch some sprigs or flowers. An urban gardener's survival kit!
Urban planter's set by Fiskars


Spring in the air by Fiskars and Iittala

Last week I got a happy surprise gift behind the door. I usually know what I get for Christmas and birthdays (due to my never-ending wish list) so this was a surprise in its real sense and I was really eager when opening it. It cheered up my day just at the right moment! Thank you Fiskars and Iittala for the nice and kind gift! Maybe there is an app or something scanning my cupboard for this was exactly what I needed! When I made lunch yesterday I took some photos of my new kitchenware. The salad making went a lot smoother than before with the Functional form salad spinner from Fiskars. You can easily get rid of all extra water from lettuce leaves by spinning them around in the bowl. It was also much easier to rinse, keep and dry the vegetables in the strainer than with them lying all around your kitchen during your cooking. Then they dried in there until I was ready to use or chop up them and could just pour away all collected water. Maybe you have this from before; I for some reason did not have it. The kitchen towels from Iittala are also new beautiful spring news in the Origo series.
Products from Fiskars and Iittala