Wisuella award 2014


A new year has just begun but before stepping ahead into that one I would still like to make a small wrap-up regarding what I have appreciated in the design world during 2014. I got the brilliant idea already last year, that I will summarize everything in a Wisuella award.
I have selected a few categories and nominated the candidates according to my own subjective preferences for who will receive the Wisuella award/design prize this year. (Sorry, the prize will only be my exclusive words)!
So here we go! Please also share your own thoughts; if you for example have some other favourites in the same categories that you would like to mention. Then we can all remember what was on the carpet during 2014. A small encyclopedia of the smartest and most memorable threads in the design history of that year.

1. Best comeback
The best comeback is without doubt the Bjørn Wiinblad collection. Everyone with bad luck on the flea markets can now have their own retro piece without any defects at all. The playfulness of the motifs makes the observer happy. A must-have!
2. Best package

The most beautiful chocolate package is provided by Fazer. The Magic Cube boxes are unfortunately only to be found in selected duty-free shops and at Stockmann.
3. Best rising star
We are so tired of the same motifs in the poster jungle, aren't we? This feels like a welcomed drop in the desert. I dare to claim that Emma von Brömssen is quite alone on the design heaven to come up with this idea. Picking hydrangeas, twigs and leaves from from her own garden and making a bird out of it. Brilliant. The poster is a photo of this work. Also the cushion has an interesting pattern. Definitely with the same interesting characteristic that seems to be Emma's style.

4. Best detail

The detail of the year is absolutely any candle by Skandinavisk. The graphical pattern alongside with a word that explains everything. So in to have a Fjord, Hav, Skov or København on the coffee table.
5. Best glass

The cut glasses for smoothies and coffee circulated around all social media channels like a wildfire.

6. Best trend

The most hyped trend was the one with marble. This picture shows marble-like items from H&M Home and Nordstjerne.
7. Best designer
As the Danish crown prince couple has awarded Cecilie Manz with the culture prize, I am not late to pick up. With a range of collaborations this year (see also number 8) she contributes to innovative, simple and elegant design in the Scandinavian homes. Pictures of the portable speaker A2 for B&O Play.
8. Best collaboration
The best collaborations this year were the ones done by Iittala. The designers Matti Klenell, Cecilie Manz and Magnus Pettersen provided new interior details beyond the tableware. Shelves, candlesticks and lamps!


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  1. Such a great post about interior design, thank you so much for sharing great stuff. I like this one and it's really awesome. and congratulation to Cecilie Manz for culture prize. best wishes for new year