This week has been fun and interesting. I decided to take a step outside my comfort zone and go to an investment course with my colleagues and friends. This led to that I won (!) a ticket to another evening event, a lecture by an adventurer and I must say it was thrilling and fantastic to listen to her story although I am myself not any adventurous at all (or maybe because of that)! Mount Everst and the moon in all their glory, but I feel best at home like this. Reading my new favourite book by Gillian Flynn. An exciting detective story with the knowledge that I am safe! I have not come that far but it seems very good and I trust the choir of magazines and bloggers cheering it. This week also included a surprise gift behind the door (will show you this another day).

Sweet Sunday!

PS. My ball lights are no Christmas decorations at all; they are here to stay during the dark season...


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