A triubute to Sergel's square

A tribute to Sergels torg| Sergels' square by Synnöve Mork for Ikea.
The new rug Sillerup looks really nice!
I cannot get enough of graphical patterns!


The duck and duckling

My new favourites from ARCHITECTMADE!
So cute! I adore them!
The duck is really big in size so it looks really majestic on my shelf.
If you still want to win an own wooden figure from ARCHITECTMADE, there is still a few hours time until the competition is closed! Hurry guys, I would definitely not miss it! All wooden figures in the collection are really worht collecting and make you smile...!
See how to win the wooden owlhere!
Have a great Sunday!


A joy forever

Do not miss the ARCHITECTMADE design competition where you can WIN the new, cute, wooden owl! Hurry, hurry... Anyone can participate! See more in this post here.

 Quotation | 


Autumn news from Kähler

The little unplanned blog break during the summer made me so good! I am so inspired right now, get so much new ideas from nowhere and all autumn news that keep popping up just make me so happy. Season changes are not that bad after all!

Kähler has managed to come up with some really fresh ideas this autumn. The round, grey candlestick Globo is so funny, cute and unusual, isn't it?
The candle houses are on my wish list since before and of course I would like to have those glossy items, too. The porcelain leaf and office material...

Pictures Kähler
Found via Trendspanarna



Autumn news from H&M Home

I picked my favourites from H&M Home's autumn news.
Some nice things for dark autumn evenings.
Sofa, TV, snacks, candlelight and the decorations on the coffee table.
Also new marble items are coming.
Picture from H&M Home | Pinterest
Collage by me with items from H&M Home

And hey... remember to fill in the design competition here before it is too late!

...and to...



Giveaway | Architectmade


Dear readers, I am so happy to announce that in cooperation with ARCHITECTMADE I will now organize a lovely blog giveaway for you! I am sure that one of you wants to win the latest newcomer in ARCHITECTMADE's wooden collection, the cute owl? One owl is included in the competition and its value is approx. 75 €!
The owl is a genuine piece of Danish design that you can place anywhere in your home to gild your everyday life! The funny thing is, that the head is attached to the body with a magnet, which gives you the opportunity to rotate the head and change the owl's expression to reflect a certain mood or emotion. 
Paul Anker designed the owl in 1960. It is handmade of oak wood and the eyes inserted are of wenge wood.
To participate, all you have to do is:
2. Write a greeting to me in the comment field below and tell me why YOU want to win the owl.

The competition ends at Sunday 24th August at 11:59 p.m. EET. When the decision has been made, the winner will be announced on my blog. The decision cannot be appealed against. If any possible gift taxes occur, these are paid by the winner.
Good luck!

The land of childhood is a land forever.” | Paul Anker

 All pictures by ARCHITECTMADE | Collage created of these by me


The competition has ended. Congratulations Franziska (who wrote 15.8.14 at 4:52 p.m.)!
You are the lucky winner of the cute owl and this will be sent to you shortly!



Summerhouse on Gotland


I have waited for electronic pictures from this beautiful house on Gotland, but as they cannot be found I photographed one myself from the Plaza Interiör magazine. A bit on the slant but it is too dark now to take a new one. What I wanted to show was the nice summerhouse with the untreated front which will turn grey in course of time, the huge windows, the beautiful, grey limestones and in fact, the smallest detail, which inspired me equally much, if not the most... the terracotta pot with the yellow flower. All this in such a nice combination.
The whole story can be read in issue 8/2014 of Plaza Interiör.


Pegboard in your summerhouse?

Something for your summerhouse? I find it quite cool to display all nice kitchen details by the help of this pegboard of natural wood. The shelves can easily be moved as often as your mood changes and the holes just look decorative in any case. I picture retro saucepans a'la Arabia, colourful Le Creuset pans as well as nice kitchen stuff of today. And what if you painted the whole wall with blackboard paint? Would look great! What do you think?

Psst....Keep a lookout for a great design giveaway coming up soon on the blog! 
I'm am so sure you do not want to miss it!



In Copenhagen

You remember this stunning home?
I found a few more photos from other angles via Yellows'.

It seems that I cannot get enough of the combination design, vintage, art, graphical impression and colours in a happy mix.

To follow the inhabitant of this inspiring home, check out Handcraftedcph!
Photographer Pia Winther | Stylist Gitte Christensen



Nordic style

Before disappearing out in the shadow with interior magazines, I wanted to show you these pictures from Hanne Berzant's home, the owner of By Nord Copenhagen. More photos can be seen in BoligLiv, but I picked my favourite ones here. The beautiful vases, vintage Wegner armchair, black Grand Prix chairs, floor, carpet, windows and sideboard...



Scandinavian home

Still spending summer holiday for a while and really trying to make the most of it. I had not planned to be away this long but we were suprised by an incredible, overwhelming heat wave in Finland and I lost all tracks. Really amazing, unusual summer and lovely tropical evenings, but without any Mediterranean genes it has, at times, been a bit too much (+50 in the sun and no breeze)! I must admit, the hottest days I sighed and looked at the weather forecast maps where to escape. But not even a swamp in the northest north would have helped. So I have been the shadow's best friend this year. And the hot weather still continues. How is the summer by you?

Anyway. I found some pictures. Enjoy!
On my wish list: A Danish clock.
All pictures Bjurfors.