Christmas ornaments

The selection of Christmas tree decorations seems to have exploded the last few years. As soon as you have bought some really nice stuff, there are a lot of other equally nice stuff popping up everywhere else. Everybody seems to be doing decorations nowadays. Design brands, professionals, creative or and non-creative souls. All looking good. And if you are really following some kind of threads or styles in your decoration and do not throw everyhting in there in a glorious mess, you would at least need seven different trees to have place for everything. Phew! I have some boxes in my cupboard that do not go with this or that style and on top of that I am thinking of getting some more still. But more is more for once! Bring it on the bling-bling Christmas! Here you have some of my favourite selections from this year's supply. Did I forget anything?

Empire ornament | Brass heart | Wooden star | Colourful paper ornament | Silver-plated angel with lute | Butterfly | Christmas tree | Plume ornament


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