A Happy Always!

Some table setting inspiration for New Year's Eve. All gold, brass or silver on the table alongside with grandma-inspired plates and cups! A happy mix of your flea market finds or inherited pottery go equally well as the luxurious ones from the store. Everything à la Nobel!
Happy New Year! May this new year bring a lot of happiness! I also want to thank you for making blogging this year so fun. Hope to see you around next year as well!


A lot like Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Hope your days are merry and bright!
Please also remember to take the chance to participate in the wonderful Christmas giveaway by Danish Kähler Design in my previous post. Three cosy candleholders can be yours! Direct link to the giveaway here. PS. I found it so interesting to read about your personal favourite city! Hope there will be more!  
Moodboard with inspirational pictures from my Pinterest board Christmas and Moments



Giveaway | Kähler design

Right before Christmas Santa, or more exactly, Kähler Design offers you a nice giveaway to make your days brighter and your life merrier. We all need that during the dark season, right? These three Urbania candle houses can now be won by one lucky winner: the pantheon, church and city house. The white glazed ceramic houses are designed by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker. They are perfect in size and so cosy!
If you want this whole little village of three candle houses to move into your home, all you have to do is to answer these questions:
1. What is your favourite city?
2. Where would you put the candle houses if you won?
Good luck! Lycka till!
The giveaway ends on Sunday 4th January 2015 11:59 p.m. EET. When the decision has been made the winner will be announced on the blog. The competition is open for everyone and yes, you can also answer in any Scandinavian language (except Icelandic ;). In case you do not want to publish your email address, send your contact info to wisuella@gmail.com after you have published your comment here.

The competition has ended. Congratulations Rikke! You are the lucky winner of the Urbania candle houses! Please email me your address and the candle houses will be sent to you shortly.

* The competition has been sponsored by Kähler.


Christmas ornaments

The selection of Christmas tree decorations seems to have exploded the last few years. As soon as you have bought some really nice stuff, there are a lot of other equally nice stuff popping up everywhere else. Everybody seems to be doing decorations nowadays. Design brands, professionals, creative or and non-creative souls. All looking good. And if you are really following some kind of threads or styles in your decoration and do not throw everyhting in there in a glorious mess, you would at least need seven different trees to have place for everything. Phew! I have some boxes in my cupboard that do not go with this or that style and on top of that I am thinking of getting some more still. But more is more for once! Bring it on the bling-bling Christmas! Here you have some of my favourite selections from this year's supply. Did I forget anything?

Empire ornament | Brass heart | Wooden star | Colourful paper ornament | Silver-plated angel with lute | Butterfly | Christmas tree | Plume ornament



Last Christmas

Today is the day to take in my spruce. My brother-in-law has been kind to fetch one for me this year and I am eager to see what it looks like and decorate it. It is only a smaller one as I do not think there is so much space for any in full-size right now. Anyhow, the Christmas spirit is there and if only all gifts would be ready soon I am looking forward to just potter about in my home, bake and maybe try some Xmas DIYs this last week before the holidays. These pictures are from last year and my favourite decorations in the Christmas tree. I am sure they will find their place this year, too.
Psst. There is a really nice Danish design giveaway coming up soon on the blog. Stay tuned and do not miss it!


Second Advent

It is a real challenge to photograph in the evening dark, but I hope you anyway can see my new work of art, made by Ditte Gjøde?  I like the colours in it! So me! I found a light wooden frame that I thought matched the nuances in the best way.
Look through Ditte's whole beautiful gallery here. I thinks the Glimpse family is just awesome and I had a real hard time choosing. This one ended up as my favourite (it is number #5), but take a look also at the other ones that I selected to a previous collage here.
The rest of the evening I will spend in the TV-sofa (so worth it after all unneccessary Christmas stress..!) with cappuccino looking through the last two episodes of Revenge. Hope all is well! Happy new week!


December wishes

Wondering here what to wish for Christmas...
What is on your wish list?

I made collage with beautiful things that have caught my eyes lately. All my favourites, but especially the poster.

The strange thing by making collages is that you want the things even more than before making the collage...

Cut glasses for smoothies and coffee | Scent candle in blue | Candleholder for the wall | Brilliant boxes | Marble box | Take a breath poster