Marimekko news for spring 2015

A sneak peek of Marimekko's news for spring 2015. Some of the items in the pictures we know from before (I like the watercolour-inspired service), but the pattern from Kustaa Saksi is new. I especially like the red and blue bowl and plate in the last picture! The pattern is inspired by the seafloor and Kustaa's scuba diving!

I also have not seen the green mugs in the Sääpäiväkirja-series (~weather diary series) before. Look nice! I am hung up on mugs and as there are nowadays new series several times a year, it is starting to become a real dilemma. Two mugs of favourite patterns every now and then...would that be the solution? I have kind of started that trend when it comes to Marimekko's items. These are happily mixed according to the mood and season with the traditional, complete series from other brands.
Found via Trendspanarna

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