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Dear readers, I am so happy to announce that in cooperation with ARCHITECTMADE I will now organize a lovely blog giveaway for you! I am sure that one of you wants to win the latest newcomer in ARCHITECTMADE's wooden collection, the cute owl? One owl is included in the competition and its value is approx. 75 €!
The owl is a genuine piece of Danish design that you can place anywhere in your home to gild your everyday life! The funny thing is, that the head is attached to the body with a magnet, which gives you the opportunity to rotate the head and change the owl's expression to reflect a certain mood or emotion. 
Paul Anker designed the owl in 1960. It is handmade of oak wood and the eyes inserted are of wenge wood.
To participate, all you have to do is:
2. Write a greeting to me in the comment field below and tell me why YOU want to win the owl.

The competition ends at Sunday 24th August at 11:59 p.m. EET. When the decision has been made, the winner will be announced on my blog. The decision cannot be appealed against. If any possible gift taxes occur, these are paid by the winner.
Good luck!

The land of childhood is a land forever.” | Paul Anker

 All pictures by ARCHITECTMADE | Collage created of these by me


The competition has ended. Congratulations Franziska (who wrote 15.8.14 at 4:52 p.m.)!
You are the lucky winner of the cute owl and this will be sent to you shortly!



  1. I would love to win the owl since oak is my favourite wood and the wenge eyes would remind me of the wenge floors in our home in Finland while we live in Germany :)

  2. I would love to win this owl, I have a growing owl collection and this would be a wonderful addition.

  3. I would also like to win since I like the design, and the fact that it's made of oak tree.

  4. HO HO! Jag vill jättegärna vinna den charmiga lilla ugglan. Min andra Architectmade-fågel där hemma behöver nämligen en kompis!

  5. Dear Wisuella, thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing item, im in love with the wood art of the whole architectmade collection since forever. and to get a chance to be the owner of the owl will be wonderful.

  6. I would love this owl as a friend for my architect made bird. She is feeling a little blue. I keep turning her beak in a upward jaunty angle only to return to find her staring at the floor. This Mr Owl would make a perfect companion and who knows......romance may insue

  7. This owl would make my day! And it will fit perfectly on my shelve together with my light houses from Kähler :)
    Fingers crossed!

  8. So glad I became aware of your beautiful blog. I love the owl! The wooden structures, the way the pieces fit together perfectly and how the owl looks like it is wondering about the world it is seeing...

  9. The owl just reminds me so much on the time I lived in Copenhagen for studying at the Royal Danish Academy. Winning it would be a great graduation present since I just became BA in Textile Design this month :)

  10. What a charming piece. Having this little fellow in my home will cheer me up whenever I've had a hard day. He makes me smile just looking at him. What fun that his head moves too.

  11. If I won this beautiful owl, it would remind me of my new start in life. I am so much looking forward to finding out which way Im gonna go, when it comes to a new education=new job :)

    Kind regards Rikke

  12. I miss the forest and wild-life when I live in the middle of the city. This cute owl could bring the forest into my living room. I love the natural oak finish and the beautyful design :)

  13. Good morning! I would love to win this lovely owl and give him a coveted spot in my home. I adore his design and love that you can tilt his head for different expressive positions! Thank you so much for the chance to win him.


  14. I would love to win the Architectmade owl for my 15 month old daughter Ava. Her name is derived from avis, Latin for bird. I also love that the owl symbolizes wisdom, something I also wish for her.