Timeless design

I got a really nice styling challenge from Iittala to find out new ways to use the classic Aalto vase. We all know that the vases look gorgeous with flowers in them, but what if we want to take them into use in our everyday life, too, when the flowers have faded and we do not have any new ones? I eagerly took this into consideration as I love these iconic, beautiful vases!

The new colour for this year is called Rain (Sade in Finnish), and the colour is just as dark deep blue as the sky a rainy day. I think this vase and size is very suitable for your pencils and small items on your desk, keeping your make-up in order in the bathroom or serving blueberries or something else for breakfast or lunch. Hope you like the ideas! More pictures with a few other vases are coming soon, so stay tuned...!

Did you know that for making one single Aalto vase, seven glass professionals, twelve working phases and thirty working hours are needed?


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