Alvar Aalto collection

It was so fun to come up with new usage purposes for the classic and iconic Aalto vase, produced by Iittala, that once set going I could not stop. This time I filled it with fruit, balcony flowers and candies. Once you start thinking outside the box there are so many possibilities to take the vase into use in your everyday life, also without flowers.
There are always funny anecdotes if you dig into the history of design items. Did you know that this vase was originally designed for a competition and named as “Eskimåkvinnans skinnbyxa” (the leather trousers of an Eskimo woman), meaning that the design is inspired by the dress of a Sami woman?
And apart from that, it is also called the Savoy vase as it was part of the furnishing in the luxurious restaurant Savoy, which opened in Helsinki in 1937.
We have many names for the things we like!

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